Friday, February 10, 2017

Clogged Computer Post

I have been too lazy to turn on the computer to post anything.  But today I took the time so this post is sort of a hodge podge of stuff that I want to save as memories.  The purpose of my blog is to log our little circle of family's time on this earth.   Who knows someone's time by end today or tomorrow or we may be around for 20 more years.  All we have for certain is today.  I rejoice in today.  I don't pick up my little Ingrid Elizabeth today...should I eat the m and m's I bought for her?  Or should I save them for tomorrow.  We may not have tomorrow!

Laura thought this book would be good so I ordered it from Amazon.  I don't buy a lot for myself and I love to read.  It is a story of a country girl older than Sister Patsy and how she grew up in the hills of North Carolina.  I will pass it to Laura and then Fleta if she wants to read it.
 Clayton wrote this for class.  I like the part where he says he has a big fat brain.  If we don't use our brain, Clayton, does it get full of fat?  Erin ask him for me....   Most kids you might tell them something and they would think about it.  Clayton is so smart he knows, but shall we say he is a little lazy about stuff he's not interested in.  He hates writing.  I guess his fingers get tired working with that big fat brain of his.  I do like to read about what he is thinking.

 Larry has made me a shelf for my kitchen wall out of cedar.  He is not finished will have to put finish coat on and he said he will put four hooks on it.  I am going to put it on the wall by the coffee pot.  I have the Bunn sitting on a oak table he made me over 25 years ago.  I am already loving my shelf and I think I will put my 5 grands on it. The frames are all different and Larry will think they should match.  He is orderly like that, but I think what will make it neat is the 5 different frames.  I am unorderly like that.
 This was my breakfast yesterday.  Laura made cinnamon rolls for the entire High School basketball team.  Pop and I got one for our coffee.  It was delicious.

 Larry has finished two more puzzles.  He has the last Farmall one going.  He works them in the evening time.  Astrid and her family came for the Super Bowl (remember they do not have t v).  She sat and finished the top one while she was here.  He lacked about a fourth of it.  Laura and the girls just stayed for a part of the Bowl but Laura knew after Astrid started working on the puzzle there would be "no leaving" until she finished it which she did.  I told Pop "that girl is a little like you".
 I made the no bake cookies for the Bowl fest.  Sigrid made the fruit plate.  it is on a cookie!
 Laura made pecan sandies--home made.  When she went home, I told her to please take them.  They were just what I love with my coffee and I did not need them!
 Laura made these and they were a little hot as everything hot or spicy makes me sick, but I was able to eat one and not get sick.  They were the best.  It is a pepper with cheese and bacon wrapped around it and then baked.
 Eric told me to make corn bread and I did.
 Eric made 3 racks of ribs.  He cooks them in the oven on 250 degrees for 4 hours or so.  They were the best.  The second half of the Bowl game was good too.  I am glad I watched it.  The first part was nondescript.  The second half made up for the first.  I did not watch Lady Ga Ga, but Larry sure griped about that part.

 Two mornings ago I thought a foreign government might be attacking us, but it was only black birds.  The noise was deafening.  I took these pictures but most of them had scattered.  There were 1000s of them.   They were migrating I am sure.  Glad they did not stick around as my bird feeders could not support this many birds.  The secret of having pretty birds is making the feed and seed a work to get out of the feeder.  The lazy birds will fly on and you will be left with the pretty ones.  Sort of like that in our world, if something is not easy, most humans just give up.  The Bible says to wait and labor for our Lord and our reward will come.

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Anonymous said...

Put me in the line up for reading that interesting book....please :)
And eat them M&Ms you can buy more tomorrow should it come. :) ~Amy-Patsy