Wednesday, February 1, 2017

iPad post

I am going to post from the iPad again.   So my fat fingers will have some typos which I can not see until they are posted!  Fat fingers and poor eyesight are not assets with the small device.

My leg is better.  I will continue my aspirin regiment and try to walk a lot.  Richard Nixon and I have something in common.

Sigrid has an orthodontist appointment and we are going to have lunch together today.   Astrid's big day at school is tomorrow.   Ingrid has a performance, too.

Sunday is the Super Bowl.  Eric is coming over to watch.   I think he is for the patriots.   He will make snacks or a meal.   Either will be nice.  Eric and Laura have no tv.   That is one way they cut household expensives.  They have Internet and Netflix.   Without tv channels, they also have less to monitor.   The two older girls have iPhones.  Eric has them after a certain time in the evening.   So much to monitor and watch out for.  I am glad I am not raising children.  When Laura was at u of a, she had a cell phone so she could call us.   She had to carry around a suitcase to use it.   It was called a bag phone.   Larry had a cell phone with his work.   We had to go outside and walk up crow mountain to get a signal!  There was no texting.   We had dail up Internet to post a photo you hit upload and waited an hour.   Those were the good old days.

Lots of Stuff I can't believe I did!   One was sending Laura to the hob nob to get a gallon of milk when she was 15 and had no drivers license.  Another was leaving Erin at the city pool all day.  Dropped her off and picked her up.   Parents could never do this today.  Too many perverts out there.  I had such great children.   It was not that we were super parents, just one of the Lord's blessing.

One of the things I miss most about that time long ago is being able to sleep,all night.  I rarely,sleep all night and I notice lots of other older folks don't either.  Getting old is not for the weak at heart.  

Hope your day is perfect!

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