Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ingrid Dancing Memories

 Ingrid and her new best friend Avery.  These pictures I found at the Dance FB page.  This was from the Christmas party.  Below the group went to the nursing home and sang!

 Ingie and Avery

 Was not sure if I had saved this group photo.  Ingrid may not try out for Dance in HS.  There is a lot of drama that goes on.  She may have tired of it.  She is a great dancer so if she does not do it next year I will be a little sad, but she will do what she wants and that is ok!
 I guess below is a "a groove move".
 This is the last meal photo.  They go out to eat for a last fling.  Get to miss school as they go for lunch.  They are at a Mexican restaurant.
 I like Ingrid's hair braided like this.  It reminds me of a little Dutch girl!

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