Tuesday, February 14, 2017

iPad posting

I am posting this from my iPad.   Happy Valentine's Day!   When I was In Jr High,  a boy gave a big heart box of candy on Valentine's Day.   I hid it in my locker.  He  was not my boy friend.  Richard and Clayton teased me about him.  His first name is jerry.  That is the first big gift I received for Valentine's.

I remember how much fun it was exchanging the little Valentine's.  Every year, I recall some of my classmates getting a big Valentine from one of the boys in our group.   We were lucky to have the little cards to give.   Almost every year we made special boxes or envelopes to put our Valentine's in and we always had a little party.

On Fridays, we had an assembly and would sing songs with old Mrs. Conley playing the piano.  I remember singing " Old Black Joe".   That would never be allowed today.

Rainy here today, tomorrow sunshine again!!

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