Sunday, February 26, 2017

Looking Forward

I am hoping my painful leg is going to get better.   I have an appointment at Baptist Vein Clinic March 16th.  I am getting excited.  Erin said "don't google it"....but you know I could not stand it and did.  I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but I guess I am.  Just a few weeks away.  They probably don't do a procedure that day, but hopefully I can be walking farther soon.

Erin said that Greta's hearing showed improvement, but she went on to explain that it is not better.  Greta is just older and understands questions better so she can answer as is acceptable.  Her hearing will hopefully not get worse, but it probably will at the level it is.   She takes care of her hearing aids.  She put new batteries in.  She takes them off at night and turns them off.  She is doing well in school.  She is speaking more plainly.   I hope folks do not make fun of her as she has a big brother who will knock their socks off.

I am going to the store and taking my coupons this morning.  Hope I find some good deals at Kroger. It is my favorite grocery store.

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