Saturday, February 4, 2017

More Colors Day Photos

I am saving more Colors Day memories here.  Above is Astrid, Eleanor, Lilianna and Tamara.  Below the entire group.  
This is Astrid and Eric M.  She choose him as her escort.  The girls were to pick a boy out of the basketball group to escort them at the pep rally.  Eric films the games.  He was sort of surprised that Astrid chose him, but she is such a sweet person.  I was not surprised at all.  Some of the girls got in a fuss over who got escorted by whom.  Astrid said she was really glad she chose Eric as she was out of that fuss.  He looks like such a nice young man.  
When they announced Astrid's name there was a lot of cheering!  Made me feel good for her!
At the night time event, Astrid was escorted by another, Eric, her Dad.  They look so nice together.
The red pants suit had a different top.  Astrid decided it was too snug and picked a different shirt from her closet to wear. 

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