Friday, February 10, 2017

Triangular Shelves

I see now that I have already saved the shelves, but I will leave them here--double!  Sorry, for not remembering.  I do that often.  Helen will tell me a story that I don't remember that well and she does.  I really hated hearing the one about me losing the ring that Daddy made for Momma on Iwo.  She kept say..."don't you remember" and I can't remember much of the tale.  I was not young, maybe Sigrid's age, but I think I blocked it out of my mind.  How horrible to loose that precious ring.  Somehow, he made the ring and there were hearts surrounding the circle.  It was surely and work of art made with love!  He made it from a nickle while he was waiting to die on that Island.  Momma let me wear it to "carry" the water.  Maybe to encourage me to go as I was very stubborn.  Helen said she was with me and it fell off down by the old cave.  Lost forever and all my fault.  I don't recall Momma being overly upset with me.  She was like that.  She accepted the cards she was dealt.  Her kids were her  "face" cards, the ones valued the most.  I guess I was a Jack or a Queen.  Fleta, I think you may have been an Ace and Helen, a king.   We were all "high" cards to Momma.  She discarded some of the deck but she held on to those 8 cards all her life and when she was old she cashed them in!   She won the hand that round.  Trumped those two Sisters of hers to get the "blessed" life!  Praise the Lord today for my Momma who was filled with "love of family".

February is nearly half over.  It is warm again today.  So, thankful for the warm sun to shine on us today.  It feels so soothing.   Hope your day is perfect, Sisters!  ....and for my girls, too...and my 5 grands...and Jonell and all her sisters and on and on the list could go.  Fleta--remember God bless and then "etal".   I, too, can use Latin!   Do you ever look at the  mugs for your county?  I do and then I pray for all those lost souls...but for the grace of my God ...there goes I!  How I have been taken care of in my life.  I had a protected childhood not one riddled by abuse.   Deliver us from evil today, dear Savior!
Could the shelf remind us of Father, Son and Holy Ghost?
 Astrid wanted triangle shelves for her wall.  Pop made her 3.  Two were out of cedar and one was pallet wood.  I thought the pallet wood one was really neat.  These two are the cedar ones.  She has them all on her wall already.  Those are succulent plants hanging below.
 The dress shop is closing and Astrid bought this from the owner.  Pop put it on the cedar base.  She will hang something from it.
 These are pens and a journal Astrid ordered from  Amazon.  Astrid likes a "drawing" journal.  Instead of entering a passage of writing you write some but illustrate the thoughts.  The pens are made for this purpose.  Journals are private, but wouldn't it be neat to look in it when Astrid had filled it with her beautiful thoughtful art!
Monday, I had to run the kids place to place.  Laura had school and Eric had conferences.  I was pooped and did not really do anything, but I don't "go" much so that was what wore me out.  Astrid's jeep was recalled about the air bag or she would have chauffeured all the girls where they needed to be.  She told me that she needed a flannel shirt for of all things chemistry.  They are going to bleach the bottom.  I had a 10 dollar off at Penney's so I got this one for 2 dollars and 50 cents.  Can't wait to see it when she is finished.


Sister--Three said...

I recall
The ring was made from a silver dime not a nickel.
It was too small for Mom's finger by the time I lost it.

Margie's Musings said...

I put my original wedding set in a jewel case and wore the plain gold band I really had wanted. One day, when John gave Leslie an engagement ring she wanted to see mine. I went to get it from the jewel case and it was gone. Our house was always full of kids and I imagine sometime one of them took it. I was heartsick. I didn't want to wear it but I didn't want it taken either. I still had the diamond wedding band and when Scott married Taresa, I gave it to him to give to her. Some years later when they were strapped for money for groceries, she hocked it. So they are both gone now.

Those things happen.