Sunday, February 19, 2017

Purple Finch--A Little Friend

 The Purple Finches stay with me year round.  I see the Yellow Finch only in the early spring.  The photos here are of the male Purple Finch.  The little female is mostly brown, but slender and dainty.

 I see my Doves daily.  They were here this morning early.

 Sigrid is playing volleyball with the Tech Sun's team.  She enjoys playing and will probably continue.

 Erin took Clayton and Greta to the Harrison City Park yesterday.  It is really nice.  There are lots of trails to ride and things to see.   A stream to toss rock into--all boys love that.
 Greta showing how strong she is and Clayton can hold up a concrete bridge.

 Exercise is so important for growing muscles.  Looks like these two are getting into the ride!   Many children just sit inside and interact  media games.  Clayton and Greta want to be outside moving and exploring their environment.

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Margie's Musings said...

Nice photos! The birds are very pretty. The children are cute!