Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Memory Triggers

 Laura does not have to tell Siggie to "wash her face".   She will spend her own money on facial cleansers and such.   Astrid, some of Astrid's friends, and Siggie made their own blackhead removal face cleaner last weekend.  I went over across the pasture for something and Sig answered the door and above photo is what I saw!    She said "I can't talk or smile as my face is stuck like this."  They had mixed Elmer's school glue, charcoal and no telling whatelse and applied it to their faces.    Later that evening Laura some of the girls came over and Siggie face was pretty red!   She was going to apply aloe vera to it before bed!   One of her favorite things to watch is DR. Pimple Popper on U Tube.
Looking at Sigrid brought back memories of me in our Jr. Class play.  I am on the back row with the white apron!  Today, the play and the part I played would not be allowed in public schools, but in 1967 we were unaware of what could be deemed unacceptable.   Well, Sigrid triggered this memory of myself.  I can't recall what was applied to my face.  Too bad we did not know about Elmer's glue and charcoal!

I am the first cast member listed. but I certainly was not the star!!  Laquita and Carroll have already passed away.
 In the same yearbook, I spotted Jonell and I side by side.

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