Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Half Gone

The half gone could refer to the month of February or to me.  Helen and I talked about Jerry who gave me candy.   She said everyone was mean to him and I probably was not.  When I missed school from being burned, he came to least twice.  Well, I have blocked that out.  His last name was O'dell...not the name I was thinking.  That came to me later too.   Helen knew immediately but she has stopped telling me when I make a big goof.  She just leaves it alone.  I think she is probably thinking, "Poor Sister is half gone".  

But half gone could be February is half gone.  The sun is out today and it is going to be a nice day.  Yesterday was rainy, but that is past.  If all days were perfect soon, we would not appreciate the nice days.  Just the same in life, we learn to be thankful for the blessings we receive by bearing our misfortunes.  What a shallow person we would be if everything was perfect in our lives.    Proud to say I am not like that, but it is hard to look at oneself and see some of our faults whereas others can softly remind us.   Helen did that yesterday with a chuckle and I got it immediately and she was so on to what she said.  I am glad I have Sisters who can gently chastise me.   I really need to brought back to earth often!!   Fleta often says...."and we are perfect", when I complain to her!  
 Larry made these for the Rid girls for Valentine's Day.  He said they could hang a necklace or what they wish from the dowels.  Astrid thought she would hang her keys there.   If Erin thinks Greta needs one, hopefully, she will text Pop and he will be on to making it.  I can see a square one for Clayton.  Boys think hearts are for sissies.

 This is Greta with part of her class.  She is the tallest!
 Helen tore the last old feed box from the "new" barn which is falling down and made a shelf for her laundry supplies.  I really love it.  We would put a coffee can of sweet feed and then a small can of cotton seed meal on top, the cow would eat as she was milked and then we poured the milk in a cream can.  After the cream can was full, Flet and I heaved it into a cooler.  The cooler was a freezer like contraption filled with water.  It was electric, I suppose.  The water was cool and kept the milk cool until the milk hauler came to pick it up.  At one time, Remmel Fancher picked up our milk.  We got paid more if the butter fat content was high so we milked some Holsteins but also a few Jersey cows.    I can remember Dad adding a little water to the milk...which was a no no, but I can recall it.  None of us are perfect.
 Clayton's motto was "out of sight, out of mind".  This is the back side of a window he covered in the kitchen.  This is on the back porch.  Helen has made a little display here for photos.  Isn't it nice?
This is the bird I despise.   It is a Red Winged Black Bird.  I used to have herds of them, but Larry said to move the feed just a little closer to the house and it was discourage them.  It has and now I have a few but not so many I can't have other birds.  I see them peeking into the little bird houses.  They are checking to see if there is an egg they can eat!  Blue Jays are not nearly as vicious as these birds. You can see I must fill the feeders today.  
I can't go to the Dr. today with my blood clot as he has the flu!  Tomorrow, maybe.  This is payday for me and I checked to see if Mr. Trump sent my money...he did!

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