Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday For Working Folks

I looked at IstG and found some photos I wanted to share.  Below is Lucky Number 7 with two of her Suns Volleyball teammates--twins!  They always were their hair different to help folks tell them apart.
This is my Great Great Niece--Gabby--she smiles in most of the pictures I see of her.  
Astrid took this mirror selfie when she was getting set for Color's Day.  It is in the locker room at RHS.   
I have been up a while.  I know all workers are so glad this day is here.  I think of Fleta--older than myself--and still toiling away.  Friday is here and maybe she can get some rest this weekend.  

I am taking my tax stuff to CPA today.   Not excited about it as I always have to pay and each year we pay a little more than the previous one.  As long as I have enough to pay what I owe, I am fine!  

I have been outside and filled my feeders.  Got a perm yesterday.  I had to sit for 3 hours and my leg hurt more last evening.  I need to keep moving.  Dr. has not called yet with my referral.   

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