Friday, February 17, 2017

More Yellow Finches

 So glad Fleta is taking over some of Sister Patsy's job.  I guess she just got tired of me wondering about the bright yellow and dull yellow colors.   I snapped these two photos today of my Yellow Finches.  I only a few but maybe more will come.
 Sister Explains all About Our Little Yellow Finch

 One of our Feists passed Feb.15th.  He was 8 and half years old and such a great friend to our family.  He was well enough to eat his dinner and then was gone that afternoon.  I used the cross Amy-Patsy gave me last summer to mark his grave.  This summer Larry will find him a big stone marker over on the hill and move it with the back hoe.  Rip old Tie!

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Anonymous said...

Such sweetness for your furry family ~Amy-Patsy