Monday, February 20, 2017

Wonderful Afternoon

 Erin brought the children down to visit.  We could not have had a nicer afternoon.  They love playing outside.
 Every half hour they brought up wanting to go over to Sigrid's but she had volleyball and Laura and Astrid hiked to the "Eye of the Needle" and they were not home.  Astrid has shared photos of the hike and I will share them this week.
 Before long, Clayton and Greta were hot from all the biking, running and playing.  Clayton took off his shirt.  We headed to Galla Lake so he could skip rocks.  Greta turned cartwheels all the way there.  She is a great little tumbler!
 Skip a rock--Clayton could make a flat one skip a half a dozen times.
Galla Lake is a peaceful place even for a small child.

 Finally late in the afternoon, Greta spotted Astrid's Jeep over on Galla Lane and soon they were speeding across the pasture to see their Auntie.   They both adore Auntie Laura!
 Greta could not keep up with the long legged boy.  He is almost as tall as his Grandmother and he is only in the third grade.

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