Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Harvard Ideas

 Greta and Clayton got to stay home President's Day.  They rode bikes and above Erin is walking and they are way ahead of her.  They ride a little ways and play at a park--it maybe a church play ground.
 Greta is concentrating as you can see her tongue is focused!
 Clayton's bike is getting too small.  By summertime, he will need a taller one.
 The "Easter" lilies will not last long.  I think they are pretty early this year.
 I think this is a wild cherry.   Patsy would know in a heart beat!
Saw this on FB.  It is from a Harvard Psychology group.  I think it all boils down to what your children "see" you do and how you interact with them.   A lot of wise words tumble from our lips but children are more visual and they see what you do.   All the blab from your mouth is worthless if you don't back it up with actions.  Parents are models and most children follow what they live and see.  

1.  Spend quality time with your children!

2.  Let your children see you as a MORAL role model and mentor.

3.  Teach your child to care for others and set high ethical expectations.

4.  Encourage children to practice appreciation and gratitude.

5.  Teach children to see the "big" picture.

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Sister--Helen said...

I failed in a lot of ways...love that hind 20-20 sight