Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Come Walk Along With Me!!

Had a great walking buddy today.  We walked a mile and half here.  She brought freezer jam to me and fish to Larry.  We will eat like when Jesus feed the multitudes tonight--but the fish is Catfish and fried!  The loaves are hush puppies.  I really enjoyed our walking and talking.  Both are food for my soul.
Astrid wanted a little bedside table.  She found the plan for this and Larry made it yesterday out of scrap pieces.  Part of it is a shelf from the old bookcase that was in the living room.  I love all the knots in the pine.  
 I bet Helen does not have one of these birds at her bird bath.  They think if put that water out for them.
When I pick up Ingie, I will buy a little oil to fry our fishes in....can't wait.  I love the hush puppies the best.

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