Monday, June 5, 2017

Birds and Buds

 I don't have as many Finches as I used to have because we got rid of the dead tree with all the vines.  Finches love vines so they can hide away.  I guess this is a House Finch not a Purple.  Either way, he is very beautiful to me.  Finches are one of my favorite birds.
 My baby chicks are about a week old.  I have 6.  Bobble Head did not make it.  Hope out of the six at least half are hens.  Not much to do with a Bantie rooster and I already have one.
The Ditch Lilies are still blooming and my Forgotten Dreams Lilies are budding to bloom.

We got a good rain last night so my garden is continuing to prosper.   My wish for you today is that the Lord will prosper you and fill your heart with love!

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Sister--Helen said...

Sister Patsy always set if you want more hens then roosters you have to feed a real high protein feed I would suggest you start buying your females chick starter and the eggs will probably produce more females Patsy was pretty smart she said that was always your problem