Saturday, June 17, 2017

Giving A Friend A Lift

Greta is giving her doll a ride on her bike.  I can hear Erin tell her to be sure to face the doll forward so she can see.

These are Ingie's feet in the shoes I helped pay for.  I love my Birkenstocks.
 Sigrid had a swim meet last evening.  I know the Melody Relay she was in got 2nd place.  I thinks she is the one in red.
 If you want something, be bold.  I told Erin I wanted a book for my birthday and I received 5!!!
 This is the one I am reading first.  It is really good.  I will blog about it after i finish it.  Do you know what a Hutterite is?   I must confess, I did not.
 I have already read Moonshiner's Daughter, but I will read it again.  Limping through life....really looks good.

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