Saturday, June 10, 2017

Garden Sass

 Larry set two posts and ran a coated line for my tomatoes.  In about 2 weeks he will add one.  We hope we can leave this and plow around it.  It is really laborious to put up a fence each year and then tear it down.  We had done that until last year.  Last year, I tried using straw under the tomatoes and letting them fall over.  Total failure.  So we are trying this.  I hope it works well.  After the tomato row I have two rows of okra.  Larry loves it.  So do the deer. Then I have two rows of contender green beans.
 After my green beans, I have a row of squash and then 7 hills of Black Diamond watermelons and 6 rows of sweet corn.
 I put 50 pounds of fertilizer on the watermelons and corn today.  I must pull the pellets toward the corn so it will mix with the soil.  I am bushed.  So it may be tomorrow before I get that done.   I thinned the corn but it is still pretty thick.  Larry has noticed that all the corn farmers leave their corn thick.
 This is a sunflower that my birds planted.
 I only bought two pots of flowers this year.  I like them but always just throw them away in the fall.  It seems like a waste.
 These are the Swamp Daisies my friend Rhonda gave me.  She said they would get thicker and they have.  The bloom in October.
 I have some mint that Fleta gave me years ago.  Any fool can grow mint.  It is like a weed.
 I am babying two Saw Tooth Oak trees.  I planted two in the yard and have two in pots.  I am hoping someone will want them.  If not, I will set them out somewhere this fall.  This Oak is a fast growing Oak.
Last but definitely not least,  Clayton got his pup today.  He named her Bailey.  He got Bailey for making good grades.   I hope he continues with the grade success and pray Bailey will be the perfect dog.   Every boy needs a dog.  

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Margie's Musings said...

Very interesting blog! Baily should turn out to be a cute dog. She is a cute pup!