Saturday, June 24, 2017

Boiled In Honey

 Another of my "I hates".    I know my girls get tired of hearing it.  I used the phrase a lot when they were growing up when I did not like their behavior.  Well, I not only hate deer.  I hate ants.  There are so many here and they invade my home.  I put ant killer around the outside of the house, but still they come.  I had a jar of honey by my sink.  I use it in oatmeal and other things instead of sugar.  It was only about a fourth full.  I had a lid, but I guess not screwed tight enough.  When I discovered them, they were everywhere on the counter and in the jar.  Well, being the Sweet Sister--Helen always says I am.  I lived up to my name and after washing the outside with soap and killing the ones outside, I put the jar in the microwave and boiled the remainder in the sticky sweetest.  Somehow, it did not make me feel good.
 Fleta thinks 4 O'clocks are ugly...but they come back each year.  I have some white, yellow, pink and red.  I planted them several years ago and each year they com back from the seeds dropped.

 This pretty Lily is blooming again.
 And this one
 Watermelons are loving the rains.
 I fed my Inpatients with tomato fertilizer.
 My Forgotten Dreams were not opened up when I took the walk around my yard this morning.
 My Swamp Lilies will bloom in October.
 Wish Sister Patsy were here to tell me when I can put the chicks in the big pen.
 Squash blossoms--Larry had fried squash for supper last night.
 Astrid's friend, Sparky, moved away.  Erin spied her photo on Instagram.
 Laura gave Amy~Patsy some Hens and Chickens--Well, they bloomed.  I have never had one bloom.  That Amy~Patsy is some special gardener.
At the end of Bible School at Erin's church they always have swim party.  Looks like Clayton and Greta had a blast.

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