Friday, June 2, 2017

Plowing Never Done

 I did not walk yesterday but chose to plow instead.  Then I hoed out the green beans.  It was much more labor than walking.  I got back to strolling today.  I walked my two miles.  I am trying to walk two in the morning and one in the late evening.  If I miss many days, I am out of the habit.  Good habits are hard to make but bad creep in overnight with me.

I plan to hoe two more rows this afternoon.  I want to get the squash and watermelons done, but need to hoe the two rows of okra.  Yesterday I saw a big deer.    He is lying in wait for what is to come in my garden.
 I don't know if Amy Patsy looks at my blog in the summer, but I am hoping because I can not figure out what bird this is.  The bird is tiny.  About the size of a Chickadee only fatter built.  It has a very long bill.

 Most of the pictures I tried to get of this bird looks like the one below!  Very timid.  I guess because the bird is small.  I would guess no more than 4 inches.
 What bird is this?
 Ingrid put a few streaks in her Ash Blond hair.  It looks pretty and natural.  Pop was the sponsor.  He gave her $100 for doing so well on her first ACT.   She used it for the hair do.
 Pop and Gigi are having birthdays this month.  We got ourselves new chairs.  Pop's was shot and Gigi's had no foot rest.  The vein doc said when i was sitting I need to prop my feet up.   So far we are liking them.  To stain coat them the store charged 100 dollars so Pop ordered me three cans and I will do it.  That lamp between us--Momma gave me about 40 years ago.  I LOVE it.  Later she ordered new a new one.  I gave it to Laura not long ago as my favorite is this one.  This was Mom's and she ordered her a bigger one.  She ordered these from J C Penny's.  Mind used to have a flower on it, but it was dirty and I scrubbed the flower off....I still like it just as well.
 I have to have a throw on my chair.  I changed the dark blue to this light blue one.  Lina Boyd sent it to me long ago.  I used to stop at Dover to see her and C. L. when I was coming back from visiting the home place.   Once she was working on this throw, I told her it was so pretty.  A month later, I got a pkg. in the mail.  She sent it to me!  Lina was so special.  She loved genealogy and live people too!  She died from brain cancer over 5 years ago!  Every time I look at the blue throw, I think of how kind she was.
Helen sent is picture of the front porch.  Looks like the lettuce is ready to pick.  

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Anonymous said...


I do keep up with your blog during the summer. It is part of my morning read everyday....I love it. I have studied the little bird and I have no clue. I will be researching to see
if I can help solve the mystery. I thought it might be a type of nuthatch.
Ingrid's hair looks wonderful.
I love your new chairs and the front porch of the home place is adorable. So welcoming!