Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June Coming To a Close

 Larry has been bush hogging the pasture.  It makes Galla Meadow look so much better as it kills the weeds--they don't go to seed.
 Two places were too wet but he said since he hogged on each side the rest will dry out and he can trim up the field.
 I sit on the porch and watch while he works.  I am good at that....sitting I mean.
 Chicks are growing but it will be another month before I can add them to the big pen.
 Clayton with his birthday cake.  He said his party was "ok".  Usually children look forward to an event and when it comes it does not quite live up to what they imagined.  Adults are like that too!

 Ingrid and Astrid from the beach.

 Laura let the girls go parasailing today.  I know Sigrid loved it.

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