Thursday, June 22, 2017

Chickens Getting Feathers

 I have 11 baby chicks.  I bought 6 at Atwoods.  They said guaranteed a week.  I picked one really small and it died.  The guy said just bring back the merchandise.   Siggie thought that sounded gross, but I did and THEN the person at service said the guarantee was only 24 hours!  Well, that was not what I was told so I just kept repeating what the sales person told and they did give me my 4 bucks back.  Each Bantie was 4 dollars!  I should not have chosen the really small one, but now I know I only have 24 hours to take the merchandise back!  Wonder what they did with the merchandise?

I get 10 dollars of 10 at Pennys a lot.  I usually get Larry a t shirt.  He has to have extra tall and if they are on sale usually the shirt will be 2 or 3 dollars with the 10 off.   He has to have a pocket so I have to make sure I pick one with a pocket.  Well, this last time, I got a U S Polo!  It has the little horse as a logo.  Larry looked at the tag and said, "hmm U S Polo, made in Bangladesh!"   Who would have "thought" it!!

We dug out the game camera.  I am anxious to see the deer devils touch their noses to the hot wire.  I will take great pleasure in their pain!

My grands are going to the beach and will be gone for 10 days...I will miss them, but will have their 3 dogs to console me.

Astrid is loving her new job.  She just has to be nice to people and check them in the business computer.  She is inherently nice so it is easy for her.  Today, she got up early and went with her friend, Logan, to LR to the doctor.  He rolled his fingers in a machine a few weeks ago and they are still healing.  At least, he got to keep the fingers and it was his left hand.

I am washing sheets today.  It is cooler.  I walked my 2 miles this morning and went to Walmart early so I would not have to see people.

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