Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Birthday, Pop

 Here is Pop's cake made especially by Sigrid.  It was white, split in half with lemon filling between the layers.  It was really delicious.   Astrid made a sign for our back porch.  We spend a lot of time out there watching the garden grow and the birds visiting.
 Pop was really impressed with the work of art Sigrid created.
 We have a special family that we are so proud of.   Erin's bunch promised to come Sunday!
 A butterfly emerged from it's cocoon for Pop's birthday.  What a special birthday gift!


Sister--Fleta said...

Happy birthday to Larry.

Siggy's sign looks professional. I am impressed.

Atrid's rock is really cute.

Sister--Fleta said...

Ok, i guess it is Astrid's sign and siggy's cake. Still very impressive.