Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Today

When Clayton and Greta came Sunday, Sigrid entertained them in the swimming pool for a couple of hours.  

Clayton is skinny and always looking for nourishment.   Here I hear him ask Laura about eating the leftovers from their cake and she tells him to cover his backside!  What a boy!

Astrid is enjoying her new job.  She will be able to do homework there this fall.  She checks patrons in as the come to workout.  What a neat job.
My Forgotten Dreams are blooming.  I have many forgotten dreams.   I always wanted to write a book.   No, write lots of books.  I never have written even a short story!  Dreams forgotten are replaced by new ones.  All those old forgotten ones were about ME and all my new dreams are about my five grandchildren.  I dream so much for them.  Please, Lord, do not forsake me as I ask for Your blessings to go to each one of them and for you to protect and prosper them.   
 Do you see my new idea for watering the watermelons.  I hope it works well.  Larry drilled holes in the bottom of each bucket.  I fill the buckets with water and the water seeps out to the plants.  The whirl a gigs are to frightened the crows and black birds away.
 Larry finished my happy birthday gift.  It will give a charge to whatever touches it.  He bought an 80 dollar battery to make it work.  Clayton and Greta touched it for 3 bucks each just to show Pop how brave they were.  They said it just tingled.

 Before Larry even finished with the hot wire, we noticed the neighbors sneaking in to ruin our labor.
 This one said--"I'll hide behind this tree and that old blind woman will not see me".  Wrong!   I had Larry get the gun and send a blast warning to the sweet little devil.  The Bible says that the devil will come in sheep's clothing and these darlings prove that axiom to be true.
 Black Diamond Watermelons

 Larry found this solar fence charger in the shop.  It was still in the box.  We bought it for the big dog kennel almost 10 years ago, but it is going to be a great asset to my fence.  We will not have to charge and change a battery to keep the wire hot...old sol will do the work for us!  Larry is connecting it today.  First, he put it in this chair to see if it was going to work.  It said it might take 5 days to charge but after one day in the hot sun here, it is ready to work.
Today is summer--Erin told me this morning.  I would have sworn it came last week when I was so hot I could not breathe.  The 20th of the month was my pay day for nearly 40 years.  When I see 20 on the calendar I still smile.  June 20th we got 3 checks so it made me really smile.

Hope Helen is having a blast and will get back to Douglas Road safe and sound.

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