Saturday, June 3, 2017

Brown Headed Nuthatch

 Well, my New Patsy may be on summer break, but she is still helping old ladies id their backyard birds.  I had already noticed this was shaped like my other Nuthatches but different in color.  I had looked in one bird book and it only showed one Nuthatch.  Well, today I located my other two bird books after Amy~Patsy said my bird looked like a Nuthatch.  She was correct.  Wonder how she knew?  She is not old, but knows so much about a lot of stuff.

I am glad to have the Brown Headed Nuthatch in my backyard.  It says they like Pine trees and I don't have any, but maybe this little bird likes me!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Gigi you are too sweet. I would love to come and sit on your porch and watch the birds while we visit about gardens, nature and the love for the word of God. Your post always brighten my day and I feel we are kindred spirits. Our sweet Laura is who has brought us together and I am forever more thankful! I need you and your wisdom that continually gives me a breath of new life.