Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Up, Up, She Climbed

Greta says, "Clayton look!"

Well, today is my birthday and Friday is Larry's.  We will be 135.  You can figure out our ages using algebra.  X + Y = 135 and X + 1 = Y !  So, X + X + 1 = 135!  So 2 X = 135 - 1!  Lots of folks say they don't use algebra, but I always have.  When I am trying to figure out an unknown, I often write out a formula.  I liked algebra but never took very many high level math classes.  I did take algebra in college.  I also often use A squared + B squared = C squared!  Guess I am a little weird!

I saw this picture on the Newton County History site.  it was taken in 1910.  The family lived on the Little Buffalo River!  Looks like they are logging.  I love the picture and wonder who it is!  The site did not say.

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