Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!!

 Larry is taking care of the deer in my garden problem for my birthday.  My husband does not do slap jobs.  When he does something, it is thought out and put together like an engineer would procede.  So when is finished, there will be 3 hot wires around my precious vegetables.  I have read about how you apply peanut butter to the wire and the deer will stick their noses to it!!   I plan to try this.  Next year, I may try sweet potatoes again.  Peas and sweet potatoes are favorite foods of deer.
 The garden is growing nicely even though my planting was late.

 I thought I had some type of duck on my pond.  I got my big camera and zoomed in.  How disappointed I was.  This monster will eat all the fish in a pond quickly.  Larry blasted at him with 22 but I think he slid under the water.
 The area in front of the pond is still wet.  Larry mowed it today with the Yellow Cub.  The Bad Boy is not as versatile.

 Ingrid has worked the volleyball camp for little kids this week.  Here she went to a performance in support of her friend Star.
 Ingrid and some of her friends. Notice the bent knees!
Clayton's dog, Bailey, is liking her new home.  She was adopted from the Harrison Humane Society.  Clayton wants her to play with him outside.  I sure hope she will.  You can hear him whistling on the little video Erin sent me.  He is showing off another of his talents.

My Sunflower the birds planted for me to enjoy is beautiful.  I think they are saying--thank you for the bird feeders!
 This flower was sent to Larry's Mom when she passed.  Next year it will be 20 years old!
All my 4 O'clocks are yellow.  Red was my favorite and I have only yellow now.  I guess the yellow was the hardiest.
 I still have 6 chicks and they are growing nicely.


Sister--Three said...

Well, Erin is whistling she said. I need another video with Clayton whistling...I say.

Anonymous said...

Your chicks are adorable. I love your sunflower! What a gift from nature. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Gigi