Wednesday, June 23, 2021

New Shoes

 Laura’s bench came from Amazon.  She painted to match Ingrid’s table.  It looks so nice in her new place.

Ada is going swimming this afternoon at Auntie Laura’s pool.

Laura took Ada to Felter’s for new shoes.  They’re sandals but have a closed toe.  I always bought my girls good shoes.  When they were small we went to the New Store.  They wore high top lace up white leather shoes first.  I would use shoe polish to keep them nice.  I recall a brown Buster Brown leather sandal I bought them from there.  Growing up we only had cheap shoes.  It was all we could afford.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Happy Birthday


Back in late May after the Sisters had gotten both virus shots and Helen  put a new tin roof on the home place, I asked my sisters if they would throw me and Brother Gilbert a birthday party.  Helen was all in.  I said I wanted steak.  We invited several and I told Chef Gilbert steaks would be too difficult.  He wanted my wish granted and bought steaks.  Helen cooked all the fixings and desserts.  Many of those who arrived bought extras—Stella Powell’s German chocolate cake, Sarah Powell’s banana pudding!   Jonell fixed Aunt Lois Rudd’s banana muffins.  Fleta supplied lemon aid  and water.  The home place was a big 3 bedroom house when we were growing up, but now it seems tiny.  We think about 25 celebrated a party for the old house, and birthdays of Gilbert and me.

I was born in the front bedroom of this old house.  The night I came my 10 year old brother Richard raced bare footed a mile across the bottoms and brought my Aunt Betty to stay with Mom while Dad went to fetch Doc McCurry.  She assisted my birth.  Daddy named me after her.  Her son Bob Knight attended my old age birthday party.  

Want to thank my brother and sisters and all those who celebrated with us.  God blessed that old house.

Helen gifted Gilbert this quilt with our embroidered names.  Half are gone.  This is an old quilt Mom made.  Used til thread bare.  Still her love shines.

Saturday, June 19, 2021


I think Erin is finished painting.  She has new curtains.  I think Greta and and Ada’s room looks neat at night.  


Friday, June 18, 2021


 Ada went to the library after swimming.  She mooned the librarians.  

Clayton is a special child.  How many 12 year old boys can you reward by taking them to the library.  He loves going and Che king outlooks he chooses.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Ada Clipped


Ada got clipped today.  Clayton and Greta too❤️.   I hope you can see how good Ada is.  She’s the best girl.  She’s checking the mirror to see how pretty she looks.  😂. Larry’s Mother cut my kids’ hair until 1997 when she had brain surgery for a tumor.  She cut my hair and Larry’s too.  Laura took over and cut her Dad’s hair the rest of his life.  I think being a beautician is a very hard job.  I would never complain even if there was something I didn’t really like.  They have to hold their arms up all day.  Stand up all day.  Use dyes that probably cause cancer.  I salute all barbers and beauticians today.

Bear Foot


Sigrid always gets homesick on vacation and wants to come home.  When she was little, she cried to come home.  She bought something to remember her Yellowstone trip.  She been walking BEAR footed in the house.   She likes hiking but said the shorter ones are best.  Siggie’s favorite state is Arkansas❤️

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Ada goes swimming

Ada is usually really happy.  It’s because she has a big sister named Greta who lives her.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

My Day

Had the best birthday.  I spent the day with my dear cousin Irene in the mountains near Falling Water.   Jan, Margaret, and Irene had delicious  cake for me and sang birthday wishes.  These three are special friends indeed.  I admire all Irene’s flowers.   Elderly women seem to grow the prettiest flowers.  Irene was worried about her “growed up garden” but Stanley came to plow her weeds away.  He’s a good son.  

Laura and Eric have been to Utah and Yellowstone, but came home today.  That was my best birthday gift.

I hope in my next year I can do better than my last pleasing my loving Savior.


Monday, June 14, 2021

Company Today

Erin and my three grands came today for a birthday visit.  I will be older tomorrow.  I’m going to the Mountains to visit my sweet cousin Irene.  That will be a present for me as she is special to me.  I think she is the same age as Margie—84, but her health is nothing like Margie’s.  Irene broke her back, has a colostomy, and in very poor health.  She used to be 4’ 11”.  Now she is 4’ 7”.  Her mind’s sharp and she is always positive and loving.
Ada wanted to pet the chickens.  She woes Pop’s hat.   She is a little angel.


Drawing and Coloring

Clayton drew this and colored it for his library.  He loves the library.  They have a place to display what is given to them. 


Grand Tetons

The view is majestic.