Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sigrid's Big Day

 Make my own birthday cake!  She did a good job.  She wanted flowers for the table.

 Gigi got her legos and Pop gave her money to buy flowers for her garden.

 She got new bedspread, pillows and hot pink curtains that give the room a pink glow!
 Cousins came to help celebrate.  Pop gets to sit with  a pretty girl who loves him!

 Greta is shy for about an hour and then she is our best friend.

 Some of the pictures that Laura has in her living room.  See Mom and Dad?
 This picture of the girls is neat!

 Astrid made Sigrid a bow hanger.  Sigrid loves bows in her hair.
 I see me from High School!
 Grandparents watch over who enters the home of their children.

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Winnie Sneed said...

Wow your pictures are fun! do know that I have not had knee surgery...last spring into the summer I had knee shots that really worked for nine months...I am not a candidate for knee surgery yet...hope that is a long way off!